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What to See

Kumzar Village
It is accessible by motor boats (45 minutes). The village is a small spot surrounded by mountains and cliffs which appear to be about to fall into the sea. -Alkumzaris- s...
Wahiba Sands
Badiya(Wahiba Sands) inhabitants are spread among 15 town and villages. Nature here plays its aesthetic role and its oases seem to drown in a sea of sand stretching ever...
Jabal Shams (Sun Mountain)
Life on the summit is different from what most people are used to, as the weather is mild in summer and cold in winter. Close to the peak lies a deep chasm called the "An...
Shati Ad Duqm
This beautiful beach is known for its soft, clean sands, its azure waters and cool breezes, and is only 20 kilometres from the centre of Wilayat AlDuqm .Duqm was a small ...


What to Do


Oman abounds with caves of different sizes, topography and ruggedness, Caving in Oman is a grueli...

Dolphin Watching

There are more than 20 species of whales and dolphins either living in or passing through the sea...

Scuba Diving

The Sultanate of Oman is The a unique scuba diving travel destination. The waters of Oman represe...

Archaeological Sites

Since archaeological field work began in the Sultanate in the early 1970s, numerous teams have wo...

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