Al Haffa Beach Salalah

Salalah is blessed with kilometre after kilometre of soft white sand, hidden beaches, dramatic mountainous backdrops washed by the Arabian sea. Ancient travellers such as Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo knew the trading towns of Salalah. Activities include game fishing, attractive mountain walks in hidden valleys, scuba diving, horse and camel riding or just simply relaxing on the beach.

Al Mughsayl Beach

Al Mughsayl Beach is probably the most famous tourist attraction in Dhofar. The beach is liked by the locals and tourists alike. Al Mughsayl is a long stretch of blue water sea and white sand. The landscape is pretty nice and the beach has mountains on both the sides, which make the view elegant and photogenic. It’s a perfect picnic spot.

AlQurm Beach

An elongated stretch of shore running along the edge of Qurum Nature Reserve will bring you to the Al Qurum Beach. Located smack bang in the heart of Muscat city, the beach is fringed with a number of upscale hotel chains and shopping centers. Located near one of the bustling venues in Muscat, this long stretch of sandy beach is popular among visitors for its four wheels cruises and family picnics. Enjoy spending some time at the beachfront cafes sipping on your favorite beverage while savoring the splendid view of the sea. Al Qurum beach also offers the best adrenalin kicks in the form of exciting water sports; so one can have their own chunk of thrill ready for an exceptional day out at the beach.

Bandar Jissah Beach

Cliffs, caves, mountains and sweeping coastal roads surround the beaches in Bandar Jissah. Take a catamaran out for sail or hire a kayak, the blue green crystal waters will entice you in. Soft sands and warm sea. Home to Oman’s high end real estate industry with spacious hilltop villas, stylish townhouses and luxury apartments all in spectacular site.

Duqm Beach

The growing coastal town of Duqm in Oman is favoured with unspoiled beaches and sparkling blue waters. Whether you want a quiet beach for sunbathing and contemplation or to dive into the waters and explore the caves, you’ll find the perfect beach in Duqm.

Tiwi Beach

Beauty, history and nature all in one, Tiwi Beach is quite literally unspoilt with white sands, crystal clear mountain water, rays, crabs, sea snakes and mini rock pools. Snorkelling is a must here in one of Oman’s tranquil “off the beaten track” beauty spots, walk between the banana trees, lush, green villages, natural plantations with towering mountains are in the backdrop. Don’t forget to take in the picturesque view over the village pointing out towards the sea. This location is quite unknown to tourists, yet welcomed by the pleasant villagers.

Turtle Beach

Located on the eastern tip of Oman and nearby the port town of Sur lays the Ras Al Hadd Turtle Reserve which covers 120 sq km of beaches, coastal lands, seabed and two khawrs. It is estimated that the protected area hosts 6,000 to 13,000 green turtles annually. They arrive from the Arabian Gulf, remote areas of the Red Sea and the Somali coast.