Conference of the hotel sector of the GCC countries to see the attractiveness of the tourism sector in the Sultanate

muscat: The third annual conference of the hotel sector in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), hosted by the Sultanate, focused on the opportunities available in the tourism investment sector and on the attractiveness of the sector and the facilities available there.
The first session was titled “Oman Called You” and was attended by a number of specialists and representatives of sponsors and participants from the Ministry of Tourism, Omani Tourism Development Company Omran, Oman Investment Fund and Areej Hospitality.
The conference offers different opportunities for networking between the hospitality and hospitality industry, enabling participants to build business networks and exchange information.
The conference will also provide insights into the current situation of the hospitality industry, outline the adaptive trends of the ever-changing market and anticipate the future direction of hospitality and hotel industry through a number of sessions attracting speakers from different countries.
The forum, which took place yesterday and ends today under the title of “Hospitality Leaders Forum”, aims to target companies related to the hospitality sector in the region.
The initiative aims to strengthen the Sultanate as a destination for tourism and investments in the Middle East by introducing companies to the hospitality market and attracting best practices to the local market. The initiative will also inform investors in this sector closely about Oman Tourism Strategy 2040 and the facilities provided by the Ministry of Tourism for Tourism Investment in the Sultanate.
Dr. Lubna Bint Bader Al Mazrouiya, Head of the Department of Studies at the Ministry of Tourism, spoke about the Oman Strategy for Tourism 2040 and the facilities provided by the Ministry of Tourism for Tourism Investment in the Sultanate. She pointed out that some of its special provisions have been implemented to inform investors that the Sultanate is ready for tourism investment. It has many projects in different provinces of the Sultanate.
She pointed out that the Ministry is continuing to develop tourism according to the plan drawn up in the first phase of five governorates, namely the Interior, Dhofar, Musandam and South East, in addition to Muscat Governorate, which includes all information related to it.
She also pointed out that there are 9 development sectors related to conferences and visits of friends and relatives, adventure tourism and heritage will be applied in all governorates according to the nature of each province and its privacy.
Eng. Mohammed Bin Mahmoud Al Zadjali, Director General of Investor Services and Quality Management at the Ministry of Tourism, spoke about the topic of exploring the promising opportunities and prospects for investment in the tourism sector in the Sultanate, as well as a number of specialized speakers with international experience from hospitality and hotel companies in the region.
In the past, most of the investors in the tourism sector were Omani businessmen and private sector companies. The focus of the Omani tourism strategy and tourism sector initiatives within the national program to promote economic diversification was to address the challenges of attracting foreign investment, most notably routine routines.
He pointed out that in cooperation with the competent authorities and through the facilities and amendments that have been signed a memorandum of understanding to respond to the requests of investors within ten days from the date of submission of the application.
He pointed out that in the first phase of the Oman Tourism Strategy, five governorates were concentrated, including Dhofar, which was a seasonal tourist destination for GCC citizens and residents in the summer. However, the number of establishments and services, infrastructure development, airports, cooperation and coordination with travel and tourism companies “With the completion of the tourism plan for the province, we are opening the horizons of tourism investment for all in Dhofar and we consider it the beginning only.” Oman Tourism Strategy 2040. The development of 14 tourist complexes in various governorates of the Sultanate. The priorities of development were determined according to five-year plans. The five governorates were recommended to be developed first, based on several criteria, the most important being the concentration of tourist attractions in these governorates and their readiness in terms of infrastructure.
As well as developing a wide range of tourism products suitable for the local and international markets targeted by each province and identify investment opportunities by analyzing the resources and current conditions and possibilities of tourism development. More than 200 decision makers (working on upcoming hospitality projects), more than 50 global suppliers and 13 specialized speakers will attend the conference and more than 1,500 business meetings will be held face-to-face

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