Investors: overcoming the obstacles to the completion of tourism projects

shabiba: Investors and specialists in the tourism sector affirmed that the Sultanate’s strategy 2040 includes a promising agenda that will enhance and support the tourism sector and overcome the overall challenges facing investors in this regard.

Investors stressed that the Sultanate still needs to provide more business facilities to attract local, Gulf and international capital in tourism projects.

The specialists expressed their future aspirations on what the tourism sector can offer, stressing that the Sultanate is following a systematic vision adopted by the Ministry of Tourism on the sector for the next forty years. This comes on the sidelines of the hosting of the Ministry of Tourism yesterday in collaboration with IDE Global, the third annual hotel conference in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which will conclude on Thursday at the Sheraton – Amman Hotel in Muscat and aims at companies related to the hospitality sector in the region to participate in business meetings. Binary is made between investors, hotel companies and suppliers.

Investment opportunities

The head of the Department of Studies at the Ministry of Tourism, Dr. Al-Mazrouiya, said in a special statement to Al-Shabiba that the meeting reviewed Oman Tourism Strategy 2040, which aims at introducing investors to the new strategy and investment opportunities available over the next 25 years.

Al Mazrouiya explained that the Ministry of Tourism launched the new Omani tourism strategy 2040 and applied some of its items, in order to inform investors that the Sultanate is ready for tourism investment and serious and has many projects in different provinces. The strategy includes all the provinces of the Sultanate, but in the coming period there will be a specific plan for each province, starting with five governorates: Muscat, Dhofar, Musandam and South East, and we expect to finish them by the end of this year. The strategy adopted the development of each province in all respects, not only the establishment of tourist facilities, but the development of services, facilities and infrastructure, and all that enhances the quality of tourism, noting that the plans contain all the information in these areas have been announced and take into account all states and thus enjoy All citizens in the development of this sector, and will have these schemes an opportunity for investment, which is provided inside and outside the Sultanate.

The head of the Department of Studies at the Ministry of Tourism spoke about the most important challenges facing the development of the tourism sector. “Facilitating business for investors remains one of the main problems that we are trying to overcome in the coming years, through a unified agreement between the concerned parties. She explained the existence of 9 development sectors, including conferences, visiting friends, adventure tourism, heritage and others and will be applied in all governorates according to the nature of each province and its privacy.

The hotel conference provided various opportunities for networking between the hospitality and hospitality industry, enabling participants to build business networks and exchange information. In addition, the agenda of the conference provided a variety of insights into the current situation of the hospitality industry by reviewing the adaptive guidelines for the ever-changing market and anticipating the future direction of the hospitality and hotel industry through a number of sessions that attract speakers from different countries.

Investors talk

“We are currently implementing one of the largest tourism projects in Ras Al Hadd, in the Sultanate, on an area of ​​one million square meters. The project includes the first of its kind in the Middle East, namely the establishment of villas units,” said Abdulsalam Al-Misaimi, a Bahraini investor. Luxury underwater-like islands in the Maldives. “

He added that the Sultanate has the full readiness to invest in the tourism sector because of the availability of fertile ingredients. At the same time, the Ministry of Tourism in the Sultanate is exerting great efforts to promote tourism promotion. This cooperation reduces efforts among all concerned parties to overcome obstacles to developers and investors, »One room» so as not to distract the investor between the parties to complete his work. “We are working in the Kingdom to establish a large tourist resort in Saudi Arabia through our company. We have received a generous invitation from Oman to attend the important conference which is a platform that gathered specialists in one arena to discuss the development of the tourism sector and overcome the obstacles facing it,” said Abdullah Hassan, . More than 200 delegates from the decision-making community (working on upcoming hospitality projects), more than 50 global suppliers, 13 specialized speakers, more than 1,500 face-to-face business meetings and more than 660 minutes of two-day bilateral meetings attended the conference.

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