Natural wonders

Ain Garziz

Located in Salalah of Dhofar Governorate,It is just besides Ittin Mountains and have a good spring in the Khareef Season. There are many huts to sit under on the wooden benches.

Al Hoqain waterfall

Al Hoqain waterfall is located in the Niyabat of Al Hoqain in the Wilayat of Al Rustaq. It is surrounded by the Wilayat of Al Suwaiq in the North, Niyabat of Wadi Bani Hani in south, Al Rustaq city in the east and Wadi Al Hajer villages and Wadi Al Haimli in the west.Al Hoqain waterfall have abundance of water throughout the year and permanent greenery on the valley.

Ayn Athum

Ayn Athum is a one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Salalah, located on the eastern side of the city. This is one of the most visited waterfall in khareef season.

Ayn Khor (Koor)

This waterfall is located on the western side of Salalah, near Raysut Cement factory. This waterfall is accessible with a 4x4 drive vehicle or by walking only.

Ayn Tubrook

Ayn Tabrook (Tubrook) and Ayun Athum are located on the road to Nashib. There are couple of waterfalls. The waterfall is easily accessible.

Blow Holes(Sink holes)

Located just besides Mughsayl beach, the impressive, natural blow holes are quite an attraction as water from the sea shoots 30 metres into the air as sea waves crash on the underground caves below them. The views of the surrounding towering green cliffs and misty ocean shores are reason enough to visit this breathtaking place.

Khawr Al Mughsayl

Khawr Al Maghsayl lies at the eastern end of Jabal Al Qamar (Moon Mountain) in the Governorate of Dhofar. The area of this lagoon is about half a square kilometre, its length is about three kilometres and its width 150 metres. The lagoon’s importance lies in maintaining important species of indigenous and migratory birds which inhabit the lagoon due to the abundance of food throughout the year. Some birds migrate from Africa, some from Europe and others from India, while others are permanent residents of the lagoon.

Khawr Rawri

Khawr Rawri is the largest reserve in the Governorate of Dhofar. It is considered the most attractive to tourists as it contains Khawr Rawri port, famously known as Samharam. Nearby, there are important ruins that date back to prehistoric times. The port was often mentioned in Greek, Hellenic and Arabic historical scrolls, being the main port for the export of frankincense in Dhofar. Therefore the khawr (lagoon) has gained special status, as it is not only a nature reserve, but an important heritage reserve as well, and has been included in the World Heritage List

Masirah Island

Masirah or Mazeira Island (Arabic: مصيرة‎‎) is an island off the East coast of mainland Oman and the largest island of Oman. It is 95 km long north-south, between 12 and 14 km wide, with an area of about 649 km², and a population estimated at 12,000 in 12 villages mainly in the north of the island (9,292 as of the census of 2003, of which were 2,311 foreigners). It contains a Royal Air Force of Oman air base and a fish factory, as well as a few small towns.The main industries are fishing and traditional textile manufacturing. Formerly, traditional ship building was important.

The Anti Gravity Point

This mysterious spot remains one of the most visited sites in Salalah. Driving from Taqah to Mirbat, approximately 27km past Taqah, there is a point on the hilly road where a stopped vehicle in neutral gear will be pulled up the hill with no regard for the laws of gravity.