The Jebel Sifah project opens a nine-hole golf course to enhance the Sultanate’s status as a sports tourism destination

Muscat – wejhatt| The golf course at Jabal Sifah has become the perfect venue for the sport in Muscat, where it has achieved great success and attracted a large number of golf fans both locally and internationally. Moriah has recently developed the world-class Haradin Golf theme to provide an enriching gaming experience that will give beginners and professionals alike a challenging and fun atmosphere that will enrich the residents’ experience and project owners with stunning views of the surrounding rich natural environment. The Triangle International Stadium is managed by experts from Tron International, enabling it to exceed all expectations of players with the best customer service and to benefit from the new facilities developed according to their observations and requirements. Since the opening of the golf course, it has attracted owners in Mount Sifah and residents of Oman as well as visitors from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Germany and the UK.

The golf course at Mount Sifah meets the requirements of visitors and guests who are looking for a perfect destination for their favorite sport, offering a full range of activities and performances designed to suit all golf fans. With the online booking service on iTunes and Google Play, guests can choose to stay and experience the playground with a full family stay at Sifawy Boutique Hotel. They can also enjoy the Nine & Dine offers, which offer an opportunity for them to enjoy a golf tour with lunch at The Bank Beach Club. For those who prefer to relax, they can enjoy a game of golf in the evening with a variety of light balls.
“As an integrated tourist destination, Jebel Sifah is a long-term investment that redefines the concept of real estate in the Sultanate, furthering the success and development of new tourism projects,” said Ahmed Dabbous, Chief Executive Officer of MORIA. The success of the golf course highlights our ongoing efforts to increase the number of tourists and visitors and to enrich them with a golf experience of the highest standard. The location of the magnificent stadium with its stunning views of the Hajar Mountains, the Arabian Sea and the green spaces contributed to the success of the freehold properties overlooking the stadium, which attracted the owners of Omanis and expatriates alike. There is no doubt that we will continue to develop our golf offerings in order to ensure an active role in driving the golf tourism sector in the Sultanate.

Oman is renowned for being a major destination for golf, hosting the European Grand Challenge Championship and the Middle East and Africa Championship. The year will see a lot of achievements as the European Championship will be hosted in February. Oman has been ranked as the second largest golf destination in the Middle East after the UAE thanks to the strong support provided by the Ministry of Sports Affairs. Jebel Al Sifa will continue to work with stakeholders and stakeholders to promote this exciting sport in Oman.
Since its establishment, Jebel Al Sifa has continued to enhance its status to visitors and guests from all over the world as a modern, integrated community with a wide range of freehold property, marina and leisure facilities at the highest level. The project includes the Sifawy Boutique Hotel and The Bank Beach Club and is expected to witness the launch of many facilities and outlets that meet the changing requirements of residents and visitors.

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