The North-East Tourism Commission discusses the implementation of tourism activities

Ebra – Omani |The Tourism Committee of the Amman Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Northeast Province held its first meeting this year under the chairmanship of Salah bin Salem al-Stony, the Chairman of the Committee, at the branch headquarters in the state of Ibra.
The Committee discussed its plan of action in the coming period, which is based on the implementation of some of the activities related to the development of the tourism sector in the north-east province and the intensification of interest in tourism sector workers.
The meeting also addressed Omani competencies working in the tourism sector and how to develop and support them with new possibilities, as well as to put forward the theme of centres of attraction tourism in conservative states and promotion of the application of the tourism Guide, which was inaugurated last year by the Chamber branch of the governorate to include other tourist centers of the states Maintaining and developing the performance of tourism guides and upgrading the quality of the services provided by the tourism offices and the development of tourism products in the governorate.
A Vice-chairman of the Committee was also selected during the meeting.

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