Duqm Beach

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Duqm Beach

This beautiful beach is known for its soft, clean sands, its azure waters and cool breezes, and is only 20 kilometres from the centre of Wilayat AlDuqm in Al Wasta Governorate (the central region).

The growing coastal town of Duqm in Oman is favoured with unspoiled beaches and sparkling blue waters. Whether you want a quiet beach for sunbathing and contemplation or to dive into the waters and explore the caves, you’ll find the perfect beach in Duqm.

Duqm beach is renowned for being uncrowded and clean, with glittering blue water and pure, soft sand. The beaches in the area are a popular draw for local Omanis, who travel many miles to relax and spend time by the water.

Visitors to Duqm can easily choose from one of many beaches around Duqm for a day of relaxation, exploration or activity.