Ras al Jinz Turtle Reserve

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Ras al Jinz Turtle Reserve

Oman's Turtle Reserve combines the previously proposed Ras Al Hadd National Scenic Reserve and the Ras al Jinz National Nature Reserve and encloses 120 sq. km. (12,000 ha.) of beaches, shorelands, adjacent sea and seabed and two khawrs.

Approximately 13,000 Green Turtles nest on the complex of beaches included in the Reserve. The beaches, which attract the greatest number of nesting Green Turtles in the Sultanate, are of national, regional and global importance for the survival of this endangered species, and form the principal justification for the establishment of the reserve.

The turtles of the area are threatened to an increasing degree by human activities. Nets and boats on the nesting beaches interfere with the nesting activities and nearshore nets block the access to nesting beaches. Camping on or near the beaches cause a disturbance and the village lights attract the nestlings.

The Reserve includes a great number and variety of archaeological sites of significant importance. The research on these sites and the protection of such sites from future development needs to be addressed.

The two khawrs and the cliffs along the coast are important bird areas and the protection of these as well as the limited stand of mangroves in Khawr Al Jaramah is important.