“Tourism” launches awareness-raising programmes for the definition of the ingredients in Dhofar

alroya: The Tourism awareness programs organized by the General Directorate of Tourism were launched in partnership with the General Directorate of Education and Education in Dhofar Governorate under the heading “Together for conscious and touristic generations” targeting 300 students and students from various governorate schools and lasts until 12 April The next.

“This program is a continuation of the joint efforts to promote and upgrade,” said mortgaged bin Saeed al-Amri, director general of the General Directorate of Tourism in Dhofar Governorate. In the tourism sector of Dhofar Governorate in the context of fruitful cooperation between the relevant actors to translate these efforts into reality. The partnership is based on the creation of programs and activities that contribute to the creation of a mature, tourism-conscious generation and the establishment of a tourism culture among school students and promising generations of Oman, he said. The “Tour and Tourism Guide” program will be organized by taking school students in Salalah City tours to introduce the ingredients sights and monuments are closely acquainted with the nature of the work of the tour guide and some of the tours run through the cleanliness campaigns for a number of tourist sites.

The outreach programmes include, inter alia, the presentation of lectures and visual presentations on various axes, including highlighting the features and attractions and efforts official bodies and tourism partners in their development and development, with information on projects being implemented and future projects The role of society in the maintenance of public utilities, the cleanliness of the environment and the introduction of opportunities in the tourism sector. The lectures are carried out by Mahmoud bin Saeed al-Ma’eshni and Ahmed bin Musallam, who are on the side of Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Anisi.

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