Wide accolades of the Sultanate’s pavilion on the Berlin Stock Exchange and the World Tourism Summit highlighting the Omani components

Muscat – alroya: The curtain falls on Sunday at the Berlin Stock Exchange, amid wide acclaim by the specialists, participants and visitors to the 2018 Berlin Travel and Tourism Fair. The pavilion has been designed with many elements and attractions in common with modern architecture and the use of modern technology. In the facilitation, modernization and development of tourism promotion offers and services to the Sultanate.

“The Berlin Stock Exchange is one of the most important promotional platforms and the largest and most important stock exchange in the world. The Embassy is keen to overcome all efforts for the participants in this international event,” said HE Leutha Bent Sultan Al Mughairy, the Sultanate’s ambassador to the German Republic. She said that the Embassy is not only doing so, but is also working hand in hand to promote the Sultanate in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, through the implementation of several events and promotional activities in coordination with a number of bodies. The Sultanate’s embassy has organized and participated in several tourist, cultural and artistic activities during the past year in different cities of Germany, all of which have enjoyed great success and attracted a wide audience. “2017 began with the organization of the” Pictures and Drawings for the Sultanate “, which we hosted at the Embassy. She added that the Embassy organized, in cooperation with the Omani German Association, a session in the Bundestag on investment opportunities and various fields of cooperation between the two countries, in addition to many events in Berlin and other German cities.

Ralph Schipper, director of relations at the Tourism Representation Office of the Sultanate in Berlin, said that the office supervises 230 companies and tourist offices in Berlin, covering all German cities as well as German, Swiss, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Components and vocabulary. The Office of Tourism Representation in Berlin is in constant contact with investors in the field of tourism and promotion, where the meetings are held about the Sultanate and the organization of seminars and conferences that reveal the aesthetics of the Sultanate.

Salem Bin Oday Al Ma’amari, Director General of Tourism Promotion at the Ministry of Tourism, said that the ministry is keen to participate in this international stock exchange on an annual basis as it represents great importance. He pointed out that the Sultanate’s participation in this year is renewed in terms of finding new ways of attracting tourism. In addition to the Sultanate’s signing of a memorandum of understanding to be the Sultanate’s official partner in the Berlin Stock Exchange 2020. This participation will return to the Sultanate with great benefits through the media platforms and Executing events in this event.

Anwar bin Abdullah Al Balushi, in charge of the Department of Events at the Ministry of Tourism, said that this participation greatly helps to identify the world’s developments in the tourism sector. He said that the ministry is keeping abreast of this by organizing meetings with companies, institutions and individuals visiting the Omani pavilion, As well as learn about the developments of the sector globally.

“The Berlin Stock Exchange is an important annual meeting for the growth of tourism, travel and tourism products, as well as to know what is happening in the competitive markets in order to provide a distinctive product in the future for the Sultanate,” said Khalid Bin Hilal Al Yahmedi, CEO of Muscat National Development and Investment Company. He added that this sector is integrated, so it is necessary to cooperate with other countries, companies and institutions invested in this sector to provide an integrated product in the future to obtain economic returns to serve this sector at the near future by taking advantage of markets with expertise in this field. “Two years ago, through the Berlin Stock Exchange, we signed the first hotel management agreement for the company. It will be opened by the end of the second quarter or the beginning of the third quarter of this year in the Al-Khazarat district of Al-Khuwair, a 3-star hotel. “The tourism market in Oman still needs a lot of hotel rooms,” said Al-Yarmi. “We participated in this year’s conference in one of the most important conferences in the hotel investment sector in Berlin. The conference participants stressed that there are two million and two hundred hotel rooms Under construction in As for the world, the Middle East is only 12%, and we in the Sultanate are still limited hotel rooms despite the presence of large tourist incentives. Al-Ahmadi revealed that Asas recently started a new project in Al-Sharq with more than 400 rooms and apartments. “Through our meetings with companies working in this sector on the Berlin Stock Exchange, European countries view Oman as an important investment opportunity, so these exhibitions allow us to meet with them. To display opportunities Osmarah and the possibility of providing incentives for them all in cooperation with the sector based in the Sultanate.

Faisal Bin Ali Al Hinai, Head of Investment Promotion Section at the General Authority for Investment Promotion and Export Development, said that our participation this year was important to promote the Sultanate in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, as well as work to meet companies and institutions specialized in investment, especially tourism. He pointed out that the participation of Enrich aims to define the German market services offered by the Authority to foreign investors, in addition to highlighting the projects and investment opportunities in the tourism sector.

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