Organizing the festival «Heritage Heritage Heritage»

shabiba: The Committee of Municipal Affairs in the State of Muttrah held its second meeting in 2018 for the second term under the chairmanship of Wali Muttrah, the Chairman of the Committee, His Excellency Mr. Ahmed bin Hilal bin Saud Al Busaidi, in the presence of the members of the Committee. The Committee discussed several topics, including the preparations of the committee to establish the heritage festival of Muttrah, in addition to discussing not allowing the sale of tobacco and its derivatives near the educational institutions for its health, social, environmental and financial effects on the individual and society. The committee also reviewed the approval of the General Directorate of Traffic The intersection extending from the internal road from the Ministry of Defense to the entrance to the opposite of Abdul Rida Sultan Mosque. The committee recommended that the General Directorate of Muscat Municipality to follow up the major shops pursuing the activity of cleaning and polishing cars in the The committee also decided to prevent the placement of paper ads in mosques and mosques. The committee also decided not to wash the cars in violation of the requirements of the car laundries according to the list of health requirements issued by the administrative decision No. 168/2011. The committee also discussed the awareness of the society about the dangers of drugs and their impact on the members of the community in cooperation with the competent authorities.

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