Begum’s Restaurant

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Begum's Restaurant


Description :

Begum as a title was traditionally conferred upon Muslim women of royal or aristocratic lineage and meant “Queen”. Starting in the 18th century, it was applied more generally to women who held high social status, but no formal aristocratic rank.

Our story of “Begum’s” began in our grandma’s kitchen which was well-known for the distinctive aroma and flavours of freshly, ground and whole spices. Whether it was the juicy, succulent kebabs, or the strongly aromatic, saffron-tinged long-grained biryani rice, her kitchen always offered a warm welcome to eager guests.

Today, her three grandchildren, the “Begum’s” honestly endeavour to bring you as close to grandma’s traditional cooking which will allow you a glimpse down that enticing, mouth-watering memory-lane of unforgettable delicacies. These recipes have pain-stakingly been passed to this generation of Begum’s and we welcome and encourage you to try our dishes (all of them).

Way No 3521 Al Khuwayr South Behind Marmul Travel Next to Zawawi Mosque Muscat
9307 2000/2448 2299


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